“The Air of Formal Footwear”

“The Air of Formal Footwear”

August 28, 2019

Making an entrance that resounds in a room silenced by the awe of your personality, is how you make your presence felt. Your work space deals a lot with how people view you and your performance. Your persona and work, both speak a language of their own. And as you step up and seal the deal with dexterity and assurance, you create new roads of success to walk on. When your entrance is made, your exit is just another reason for you to come back.

This is exactly what your formal shoes do for you- give you that extra footing of refinement and charisma.

When your formal shoes fit you perfectly, you are ready for the challenges on your path. Their shape, the quality of their leather and the comfort of breathing space for your feet keep you moving ahead in your passion. Which is why there are always those formals you can never miss having in your wardrobe.

When you want to buy office shoes online in India, two things come to mind- Everyday formals and semi-formals.

Inspired by the fine legacy of handcrafted shoes of Spain and Italy, Zenyataa has a unique and vintage range of up market footwear made from Italian crust leather. Every occasion has an ingenious line of shoes to choose from, to match your unique style and ambitions.

With Zenyataa caring for your style, you deliver passion and performance wherever you go. Likewise, Zenyataa specializes in combining traditional hand crafted designs with modern manufacturing techniques. So, it has made a list of core formals that you just can’t stand to resist owning.

The Classic Daily Formal Wear- Blacks and Browns

Your go-to everyday wear, though basic still goes the farthest reaches in completing your every day formal look. Every professional wardrobe essentially owns these, partly also because they can be experimented with too. A classic pair of leather formal shoes can also complement a semi-casual look. However, it is a must-have for your daily work-wear.

Formals with a Fashion Fusion- Chick Monks

A breather in the rigidity of the formal space is the fashionable air of the chic monk shoes. Usually these come in single and double buckles to strap up to refresh your regular formal attire, with a slight fashion de tour. A fusion of this sort adds to the confidence of a formal look to be able to carry a relaxed gait in the work place. They also pair perfectly with every kind of outfit, whether formal or casual. 

Choose your Retreat from Formals- Classic Casuals

Some work days are relaxed and you just don’t feel like showing up all laced up and uptight. On such days, semi-formals work best to match your casual weekday, yet keeping to the office vibes. Zenyataa is known for its trendy black slip on shoes for men that are comfortable and sleek that adds a touch of groove and freshness to your daily dose of formalities.

They match with just about Anything- Boots

Boots come in many forms and styles, yet evoke that one ultimate response of being Perfect. This is the pair that is always right in matching any occasion. Boots symbolize class, timeless panache and a brisk aura that never fail to arouse. A fine pair of these classics finishes every journey with enthusiasm and fulfillment. Zenyataa’s line of boots is flawlessness personified, for your mien of personality.

 With shoes that redefine identity and quintessence at Zenyataa, find the match that fits your zeal and put your best foot forward as you step up. 

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