"Taking the extra step in caring for your leather shoes"

August 28, 2019

For all the times you wondered, “What do I wear”, you always had something that came to your rescue in those moments of indecisiveness. This is true not just for the clothes you own, but also for your shoes. Every outfit has that last jewel you add in the form of the classic pair of shoes that make you shine when you step out into the world. This is why for that every flawless fit, they also need a touch of care.

Out of all the shoes you own, your leather pair is the one that stands out as the exclamation that completes your fashion statement. They tie together every outfit you wear with the occasion you wear it for. With a touch of elegance and a lot of room for comfort leather shoes go a long way in helping you stand out. Every step you take towards success is carried by shoes that don’t just fit you, but become you.

So, when your shoes take care of you, it’s time you took care of them.

Cracking, peeling off and softening of the leather in your shoes are all indications that they are losing health. The shoes that prepare you for the various journeys of your life deserve proper protection and attention. Their appearance and sturdiness can be maintained with a bit of preventive care to fight back the harshness of daily use. You can ensure their prolonged life and your prolonged satisfaction of using them to their optimum.

Which is why at Zenyataa, you have the place to buy men’s leather shoes online and also a simplified series of tips for taking care of them:

The basic:


Take out a minute in a day to clean dust and substances from the surface and inside of the shoes. Removing their laces and using a soft brush smoothen the cleaning process and restore their robustness. This defeats natural elements from accumulating on their outer surface, which is mostly the reason shoes lose their shine after some time. Otherwise, once spoiled because of unattended dust, repeated cleaning does little in restoring their sheen.


Other than that:


Just like you sleep to restore your mind, body and energy, so do your leather shoes need time to recover from their day or night out. The more you let them rest before you take them out again, the better they reflect their revived freshness and life. Leather doesn’t breathe well in excess of moisture; their padding that bears the weight of your feet need to rise up and regain themselves. Resting gives them the time to accomplish both these essentials. And you can accomplish your endeavours in the comfort and rejuvenated life of the timeless style of leather footwear.




A little extra step to make up for countless journeys from and to the cobblers is- conditioning and polishing your leather shoes at home. Use a cloth as a conduit for a good quality leather conditioner and gently rub onto your shoes. Finish it up with a good polish and you can solve a very intrinsic habit of leather- its tendency to crack and crease.



Another way to let your leather breathe- give it the air it needs. Keeping it all boxed up is also akin to suffocating your shoes. Let them get accustomed to your atmosphere; let them breathe and open up like you.

It’s time you step up and take care of your leather shoes. Because caring for those that make your life better is always a comforting job.

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