Amazing Tips to Maintain Leather Shoes

Amazing Tips to Maintain Leather Shoes

December 09, 2019

Have you, at any point, envisioned the most noticeably awful feeling when one of your costly assortments of footwear resembles old and antiquated? Like you, leather additionally needs customary neatness and upkeep. Thus, to give your shoe another regal look we emphatically prescribe you cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protecting.

So, here are some of the tips from Zenyataa which you need to follow:



  • Apply a leather conditioner such as Saphir Cream to the shoe's uppers, by using a horsehair brush or soft cloth.
  • To get a proper shine, neutral conditioning cream is convenient. It is really effective and can be used on all of your leather shoes.
  • To cover up the small scratches, scrapes, and scuffs, a colour-matched cream will cover it.
  • To extend the life of leather soles, apply Saphir Oil to soles once or twice a year, allow airing dry and after that use a soft clean cloth.


Polishing and Protecting

  • To get the maximum shine to apply a thin layer of neutral or colour-matched shoe polish whichever is good, using a horsehair brush or soft cloth in a clockwise motion.
  • Let them dry.
  • Use a soft paper cloth to wipe the dust particles.
  • Repeat the process for extra shine.


Always keep in mind that for making the shoe-shining last longer always use good quality of polish. Do not use the alcohol-based cleaners as this will take the shine from the shoes. Never use any kind of heat or hair dryer to make the shoe dry. This will affect the upper layer of the shoe. You can use a newspaper to let your shoes dry at room temperature only. 

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